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Today, I work as a Senior Product Designer. I have 12 years of career as Designer with background in Graphic and Digital Design.

I help companies to discover and solve its physical and digital services problems through research, service design, interface design and etc.

Check it out my past career experiences.

Toro Investments

Senior Product Designer

At Toro I’ve been helping the company and users to deliver the best experience as possible with investments. I’ve been supporting our team to refine our processes and practices

Biz Capital

Product Designer
2020 – 2021

I joined the UX and product team to help all of the Biz’s projects and small enterprises from Brazil. I helped Biz to reach it’s main goal to create a multiproduct ecosystem with the best experience as possible


Product Designer
2020 – 2020

I supported the product design team at Descomplica improving a product for schools management.
The activities include any necessarily process around UX enabling me to deliver and validate the best experience for their users.

Claro Brazil

Product Designer
2018 – 2020

I’ve executed end-to-end design processes in the music and news products which I worked on. The main activities included to deploy new UX and handoff processes, influenced the professional responsabillities inside the company, research, UI Design and etc.

Packaging Brands

Graphic Designer and UI Designer
2018 – 2018

My responsabillities was supporting on ambience, packaging, branding, comunication and interface design for the agency clients

Banana Brasil

Graphic Designer and UI Designer
2017 – 2018

I was responsable for creating visual identities, interfaces and layouts in order to digital and printed to internal and external campaigns for the agency clients


Art director and UI Designer
2016 – 2017

I’ve created visual identities, websites and apps user interfaces, printed and advertising layouts. I was responsible for creating the content and campaings ideas

Grupo COI

Graphic Designer and UI Designer
2010 – 2014

I was responsible for creating layouts to the marketing department. I started my career here, as a design intern. I was promoted as a junior graphic designer in 1 year.
In 2012, I developed my first mobile UI for iPad 2 which had the main goal to promote all the company services to doctors which were visited by the Grupo COI’s consultants.


Motion Design for interfaces

Pedro Aquino Fx
2020 – 2021

UI Boost
2020 – 2021

Industrial Design Degree

Estácio de Sá
2007 – 2011

Bootcamp Design Circuit

Design Circuit
2019 – 2020

Bootcamp Master Interface Design
2018 – 2019

UX Research course
Design Sprints


Lean UX


Html e CSS


Agile Methods
English course

2005 – 2009


Felipe Araújo

Front End Developer
February 2021

“A detail-oriented and inspiring professional, whom you will learn a lot about design”. This is how I define working aside from Jean.

We were creation colleagues for almost 1 year in Da Gema Advertising, and with him, I could see a sort of design practices that I bring with me until today, mainly about his detail excellence, which is the main characteristic of Jean’s work.

Accessible, always willing to help and strengthen teamwork. It’s been almost 5 years that we’ve worked together, but he is still a colleague whenever I want an opinion because he’s a professional who is constantly evolving and looking to grow, and that is certainly inspiring.

Jean is a capable professional to make a difference on a team, to bring big results. He’s certainly the right recommendation for Product Design.

Rafael Rodrigues

Product Design Head
October 2021

Jean is an extremely competent professional. With his extensive experience, can influence the improvement of any solution, in every step and context.

It’s a pleasure to count on Jean on the team when we are trying to make something extraordinary.

Pedro Masid

Product Manager
August 2020

Jean is someone who makes you jealous of the people you have the pleasure of working with on a day-to-day basis. Curious, dedicated, and intelligent, he transformed the Descomplica product team to be more user-focused, and more empathetic, and to create better solutions. Definitely one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to work with and who will certainly always be on my list of professionals that I would recommend to any company and who would like to succeed as a team.

Paula Brito

Product Designer
August 2020

Jean is a dedicated and exceptional professional. Always looking for solutions and seeing opportunities that can leverage the product he works on. Very receptive, studious, and open at any time to talk about anything. He’s a great colleague who already has a beautiful career and only tends to grow. Any company would have good experiences and be lucky to have him on the team.

Leticia Bartolo

Business Analyst
May 2020

Jean is a professional of excellence, detail-oriented, creative, and very generous. We worked in different, but complementary teams and that required a lot of exchange, he was always willing to instruct and clarify any point of doubt with patience and a wealth of detail.

Tiago Silva

Developer & Software Engineer
August 2018

In my years as a Full-stack Developer, I had the opportunity to work with Jean, a completely competent professional in his role, who performs his task with precision and quality. Its design is something that seeks to meet the needs of the end user in a complete way. Until today the best I had the opportunity to meet in the area of UI and UX.

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