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How we managed to create the new payment slip flow


2020 – 2021

  • Product Designer
  • UI
  • Benchmarks
  • User interview
  • Usabillity testing


In 2020, I started participating in Biz and helped the team to improve BizConta’s initiative. This app was a complete digital banking account for the legal person, with a focus on providing credit to this entrepreneur.

In this case, I talk about the initial moment of the app when we were trying to get closer to the basic functions of digital accounts in the market. One of these features was to provide the creation of payment slips allowing our users to send to their clients.

How did the problem arise?

The demand arose as a necessity to bring down another objection to contracting for our users. Since we didn’t have any data for this initiative, we were following the CEO’s vision.

He brought us a hypothetical user and business needs.

Developing this feature had a low development cost thanks to our Baking as a Service partner’s API that supported us. The opportunity cost was low enough to deliver value to the user quickly.

Business needs

We had to reach a goal of 4 payment slips created for each activated account. We considered an activated account the user that transferred at least time to his account.

We also had a goal to increase the following KPIs: Total Payment Volume (TPV), active users, and Assets Under Custody (AUC)

Given the context, we had to have a quick delivery, we should go straight to a solution, leaving an opening to invalidate the idea with our users

Hypothetical user need

Based on the CEO’s hypothetical solution, the users would like to create and manage payment slips and in case of non-payment of their users, they would like to charge or take legal action against these clients.

With a refined solution, we would have tested with our users before, following up on the results.

How might we enable the user to create and manage his payment slips?

Chosen approach

We should have to deliver to the market as fast as possible, then we chose:

  • To run a benchmarking with other platforms
  • To create a user flow and sketches to get feedback from our team
  • To run usability testing with a semistructured script to invalidate the defined flow
  • And then, hand off to the developers


I’ve executed a benchmarking process with more than 15 banking and digital account apps.
I’ve also looked at specific services that create payment slips

Flow draft

In the following, with more internal information about API workflows, which is, I could draft a simple flow to align internally and then proceed to layouts definitions.

This image can be expanded.

Usability testing

While I was designing some solutions, there was a lot of interaction about the size of scope delivering value to the market with a hypothetical contact and payment slips management area

As it was already well on its way to testing without this management scenario, we planned to launch the first release to the market and then deliver more value to the user.

Audience and script
  • 5 users
  • Any Biz’s user, regardless of being from Bizconta or credit
  • None could be in debt by regulation
  • Without any demography or company revenue restriction
  • To bring users with different technological knowledge levels
Watch the script

In the test we:

  • Tested without the contact and payment slips management flow.
  • Tested a hypothetical solution from the CEO who believed that our user should fill in his client’s email so that the app sends the payment slip to him.
Watch Prototype
  • All of the users completed the flow without major problems
  • ⅘ users had completeness feeling in the screens with more content
  • ⅘ don’t send and don’t want to receive payment slips by email
  • Everyone wants to have the payment slips immediately to share or print
  • Everyone wants to manage his created payment slips
  • Everyone complained about the payment slips services from their banks

New improvements

After release, we managed to improve the user flow aiming to reduce repeated actions and typing mistakes by the user

This flow was created to connect the contact management to the transfer and payment slips flow.

Conclusions and learnings

In startups like Biz, each wasted resource is crucial to reach the result. The decisions have to be taken quickly and it isn’t always possible to be based on perfect processes. Any move you make has a huge impact on the business and a lot of traction on your learning

I successfully learned many payment methods like Pix (it’s really complex), all the processes behind the creation of a credit card… all of this, and much more in 1 year and a half. I can say that I grew up so much in my career.

After this delivery of improvement in payment slips creation, we were unable to keep going with more tests since I was allocated to another Biz’s project called MaisBiz, a microcredit product. We followed up on this payment slips creation flow through UXCam recordings.

I also learned that the legal person user likes to have his routine, has a huge distrust in everything different from what he usually does, is lacking in good services, is always willing to help another entrepreneur, and is always with his head held high, fighting every day in a country that doesn’t make it easy with the small and micro enterprises.